Lawn Care Program

Standard 5-Step Program Five applications. Our most popular program. With this program, your lawn will receive all of the fertilization, weed and insect control necessary. It includes two pre-emergent applications and preventative for white grubs. Changes in the season and chemicals may change the exact time and content of each application.
For those people who like the greener green and the thicker thick, add a winterizer. Fall is the best time for heavy fertilization. This application will keep the lawn greener longer and green it up faster in the spring. The sixth step adds a winterizer in late October/early November.
Elite Program Six applications plus fall aeration. This program is your best value! Aeration is recommended at least once a year. Add it to your program and receive a discount on the cost of aeration whether you prepay or not. Aeration must come in the fall to receive the discount.

Budget Program

This program is not guaranteed, and there are no free service calls. Three times a season we fertilize, treat broadleaf weeds and apply the appropriate pesticide. We consider this program a step above the four-bag, do-it-yourself programs.

Organic Program

Call for a detailed discussion to determine your needs and concerns.