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Update on the Seed Slicer

A few weeks ago, we showed you the yard of a client who accidentally killed a patch of grass after mixing up his lawn chemicals. The Turf Care repaired the dead patch with a seed slicer which cuts through the soil and drops seeds into the furrows created by the blades. The process ensures that the seeds are placed directly in contact with the soil and is a more reliable method than spreading seeds onto the lawn.

We sectioned the area of the lawn off to prevent foot and pet traffic on the new seed and instructed the homeowner to keep the area adequately watered.

Mark Ryan

We visited the yard about 10 days after the treatment. The weather had been favorable, and we found healthy growth in the patch.

Mark Ryan day 10

We checked back a second time, and just three weeks after the seed slicing treatment, the grass had grown and blended in perfectly with the rest of the yard.

Mary Ryan day 21

Mistakes happen, even with experienced homeowners. It is too late in the season to begin a repair like this now but keep this in mind in spring if you see similar patches in your lawn. If you’d like to leave your