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Importance of Fall Seeding and Aerating

The first day of Fall brings the promise of cooler temperatures, and less lawn care!

Summer is hard on your lawn. Intense heat, drought conditions and insects take their toll, not to mention the overuse from traffic on the lawn. It can be stressful for your lawn but Fall offers a time for repair and regrowth.

Fall offers warm days and cool nights, creating an optimal time for new seedlings to establish their place and begin healthy growth. Over seed your lawn now and provide some TLC for the next several weeks, and you will be rewarded with a healthy lawn in the spring.


You will have the best luck with fall seeding if you first rake to dethatch your lawn, followed by aerating to loosen compacted soil. This process will create a perfect growing environment and ensure the seeds will make direct contact with the soil.

Apply a fertilizer with the seeds and lightly rake to ensure good contact with the soil. Maintain regular watering, be careful to avoid overwatering, until the first freeze of the season.

Large patches of dead or diseased of grass may require a different approach.  Depending on how large the area is, you may need to remove the dead grass and replace with sod. The experts at Turf Care can diagnose and repair these areas.

Don’t give up on your lawn just yet. You will be rewarded in spring for the extra effort now!