Ask The Expert – What Can I Do When I Accidentally Kill My Grass?

You know the old saying – we all make mistakes? Mistakes happen all the time when it comes to lawn care, and we can all relate!

Mark Ryan

We were recently contacted by a homeowner who was frustrated by the weeds in his backyard and tried to take care of himself. Unfortunately, he confused his lawn chemicals and ended up killing a large patch in the middle of the lawn.

Sod would normally be a solution for a dead patch this large, but not this late in the season. We used a machine called a slice seeder on the dead patch. The blades of the slice seeder cut through the soil and the seeds are dropped into the furrows created by the blades. The process ensures that the seeds are placed directly in contact with the soil and is a more reliable method than spreading seeds onto the lawn.

slice seeder 2      slice seeder

We aerated and over seeded the rest of the lawn, which is recommended at this point in the season. (link to last blog) We recommended that the homeowner keep the repaired patch adequately watered until the first freeze – and that he leaves weed killing to the experts at Turf Care!