Are You Ready for Winter?

The recent cold temperatures can only mean one thing – winter is coming!

snowflake 2018

The experts at Turf Care have a few last-minute reminders for you before winter really settles in:

  • Take Care of the Leaves: It’s ok to leave some leaves on the lawn but take advantage of the next mild day to remove piles of leaves on the lawn or near the foundation of your home, which can trap water later and lead to mold or leaking problems.
  • Protect your Beds: Leave the leaves that have fallen into your flower beds and wait until spring to cut back foliage from summer and fall plants. The nutrients will feed your plants and the payoff will come in the spring in the form of healthy plants.
  • Sprinkler Systems and Hoses: If you haven’t already, don’t forget to drain your sprinklers system and disconnect hoses on the exterior of your home. Water left in pipes will lead to cracked pipes and a big mess in the spring!
  • Leave the Snow to the Professionals: When we get hit with an ice or snowstorm, leave it to the professionals to clear off your roof.
  • Be Careful With Holiday Lights: If you decorate your home with lights for the holidays, remember – safety first! Don’t overload electrical connections and avoid using old or frayed wires that can pose a fire hazard.

The Turf Care team stays busy over the winter, cleaning and repairing our equipment, volunteering at the Food Bank, and preparing for spring. We hope you take advantage of the winter to tackle some projects inside your home and we look forward to seeing you in the spring!