About Us

Edward Arnsperger founded Turf Care, Inc. in 1982. Ed received an agriculture degree from the University of Missouri and was employed for 28 years with Allied Chemical. A desire to start his own lawn service business was an obvious choice since Ed had the knowledge and expertise in the chemical business. Together with his wife, Ginny, working as the secretary for the office, they began what we're now proud to say is a family-owned serving Omaha and surrounding areas since 1982.

Joining his parents in 1984 was their son, Jay Arnsperger, who is the current president of Turf Care. Jay graduated from Kansas University with a degree in personnel management. In the early years, he learned about the chemical and fertilizer business from his father, Ed. On April 13, 2007, Jay was also named president of Omaha Executives Association (OEA) and Nebraska Turfgrass Association (NTA) by his peers.

Throughout our history, Turf Care is honored to say that we've maintained the majority of our original customers from 1982.